20 simple ways to show appreciation

Are you feeling under appreciated? A little taken for granted?

If you answered yes, rest assured you are not alone.

There are plenty of people that go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis and get nothing in return. There are others who do simple little actions that make the lives of others easier or more enjoyable. You may be one of them.

If you’re never told that what you do makes a difference you may think, from time to time, well why bother?

Other people are no different. You may not expect anything in return but its still nice to know what you do is appreciated.

Think about what kind gestures your friend has done for you. What has a co-worker done to make your job even a little more enjoyable? What little things do your family members do for you that you really appreciate?

A lot of time we know we appreciate these people and the reasons for it but unless we show them they won’t know. People are not mind readers.

Here are some really simple ways to show your appreciation for those who impact your life in a positive way.

  1. A heart felt thank-you note/card.
  2. Gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop.
  3. Fresh baking for their early morning meeting.
  4. Fresh cut flowers to be passed around the office. Include a card that says: A little something to brighten your day. I’m yours for two hours then give me away.
  5. Invite your friend or co-worker out for a cup of coffee or a drink after work.
  6. Lend a hand when a friend or family member is painting or remodeling their home.
  7. If you know your friend wants to get organized but is having a tough time starting, buy them a book on organizing, some containers and nice notebook.
  8. Cook a meal so they don’t have to after a long day at work.
  9. Frame one of their favorite pictures.
  10. Share a plant or a plant clipping.
  11. Pick up some groceries and drop them off on your way home.
  12. Return a favor. If your neighbor always shovels your walk way or mows your grass get out there before him or her and do theirs for a change.
  13. Watch your niece or nephew for an afternoon to give their parents some time off.
  14. Make reservations at their favorite restaurant.
  15. Make a candle light dinner at home for your spouse.
  16. Give a hug. Yes it can be that simple.
  17. Tell them what you think they are particularly great at.
  18. Write notes to leave on a pillow, a computer keyboard, or in a lunch box.
  19. Give a hand made gift. Winter is in full swing here, so how about a knitted scarf or mitts? Or a center piece for their table.
  20. Make a special day just for them. Plan a day for them around what they enjoy. Go with them if its appropriate.

Our relationships with others are what enrich our lives. Take time to show the people who make your life better how much you appreciate them and how much they matter.

What other ways do show your appreciation for others?