43 simple ways to simplify your life

43 simple ways to simplify your life We have to admit that in this last time, life has become really complicated. Without realizing it, we spend most of our time paying bills, shopping, fixing the house and car, making sure the kids are okay, working for their future, and responding to the growing demand for technology until sometimes we feel like shouting, “Enough, I need to be at peace!”.

However, the only ones responsible for this accelerated pace are us, so if we set the goal of simplifying our lives, we can achieve it without having to move to a place in the middle of nowhere or completely eliminate the use of technological devices.

These are the steps to a more peaceful and peaceful life

1-Get up 20 minutes early: if you feel that in the morning you are too tight with time, try to go to sleep a little earlier, and get up 20 minutes earlier than usual. You’ll be surprised to see how this little time difference can make you start the day in a completely different way.

2-arrive 10 minutes early for meetings or appointments: in addition to being punctual, this advice will help you not feel so anxious, as you will have enough time to plan what you should present, prepare papers and think about what you have to say.

3-one thing at a time: don’t be fooled by those people who boast their ability to accomplish a thousand things at the same time. It is difficult for us all to concentrate on two things at the same time, or to pay attention to one while we are thinking about another. Therefore, it is always best to focus on one issue at a time, finish it and continue with the next. This allows you to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently.

4-ask yourself some questions: from time to time we advise you to stop and think, “Am I complicating things?”if so,” how can I simplify them?”. Sometimes we get into more trouble than we should, just because we don’t stop at what’s going on around us.

5-more questions: ask yourself the following: “how much will this matter in 5 years?”. If you have a lot of things to solve, classifying matters according to their importance can be a solution.

6-Keep a record of everything: sometimes we can forget important details or events, because it is normal that from time to time we fail to remember. Get used to taking note of all the important things to avoid stress and waste time and energy in your search.

7-Remember that there is always something more important than ourselves: if we understand that in life there are things more urgent and important than ourselves, we can learn to manage frustration and energy.

8-Enjoy the little things: the first step towards a quiet life is to admit that from time to time we have to stop, close our eyes, and enjoy the little things that surround us, such as sounds, aromas, or people around us.

9-drink more water: water is the essence of life. Therefore, it is important to give it the importance it deserves and consume enough to keep our organism clean and balanced. Remember that body and mind are a unit.These are the steps to a more peaceful and peaceful life

10-goodness is a blessing returned: be good to others because you never know the turns life can take. If you’re like me and you think that what we do or say, for better or worse, sooner or later makes us, you better take this advice.

11-simplify your life by simplifying your house: many say that a disordered house reflects a disordered mind. Try to get rid of all the useless things and keep your house clean and tidy. Even though the ideas don’t seem to be very connected, I assure you you will feel the change.

12 – give time to the things you like: instead of speeding up and moving from one task to another without stopping, we recommend you organize your schedule and find some free time for yourself and the things you like.

13-surround yourself with simple people: spending time with people who lead a simple life will end up simplifying yours. These people will give you calm and quiet, and teach you the tricks to live a simple and full life.

14 – ask people in the same situation for advice: when you have to solve a problem or face a challenge, remember that you are not the only one going through that situation. Don’t be ashamed to ask for advice and take refuge in people who have already gone through that situation.

15-forget perfection: unfortunately, it is impossible to be perfect in everything we do. Get rid of the ideal of perfection and concentrate on everything you do being good and honest.

16 – a dose of fresh air: just as smokers take a break for a cigarette, you can take a break to breathe fresh air. You will be surprised to see how changing the environment will help you calm anxiety and connect with the world around you.

17 – use 30 minutes of the weekend to plan your week: weekends are an excellent time to relax and organize the following week. Make a list of the things you have to do in order to get to Monday prepared, organized and, above all, quiet.

18-ask the people around you: sometimes a problem that is complicated for us can be solved in the simplest way. Don’t be embarrassed to consult with other people, as they may have the answer you were looking for.19-the moments of laziness are not bad: when you simplify your life, you will find yourself with free time to dedicate yourself. Take part of that time, and use it to relax, after so much work, you have well deserved your moments of absolute laziness.

20-remember, life is not as long as it seems: to live a relaxed and full life, it is necessary to enjoy. Fulfill your responsibilities and obligations, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself.