5 ingredients 5 minutes 5 meals simple noodles

5 ingredients 5 minutes 5 meals simple noodlesEconomic, versatile and quick cooking, the noodles offer many possibilities in the kitchen, from sautéed vegetables to side dishes and soup noodles are one of the foods most consumed in the world, and not only in Asia but also in western countries. Among its most appreciated qualities are that they are economical, easy to make and that they are cooked very quickly. In fact, among the most popular noodles are ramen, made with water, wheat and salt, which are marketed in hermetic boats, ready to be rehydrated and with garnish, flavors and sauces to add. Without arriving at the fast and pre-cooked food model, it is possible to prepare at home in a very simple way exquisite Chinese noodles, with different flavors and textures, much healthier. This article shares some tricks and suggestions.

Three important details about Chinese noodles

  • What are they made of? The composition of the noodles depends, to a large extent, on the regions where they are made and their respective gastronomic traditions. Thus, there are noodles made of wheat-the most typical in northern China – and rice noodles, which are most popular in the south of the country. There are also some that are made with Mungo bean starch, also known as Green soy (Vigna radiata).
  • Cooking time. Chinese noodles are cooked faster than other noodles, as their size and Constitution allow them to be made in less time. Usually, five minutes in boiling water is enough, although there are also noodles to which it is enough to add a cup of hot water so that they are rehydrated and ready to eat in just one minute. It is advisable to look at the labels on the package.
  • Watch the Salt! The simplest Chinese noodles usually have a little salt in their composition, while there are others that incorporate seafood, chicken or beef essences. This is a very important detail, as it is made with aromas and spices, it is not necessary to add salt in the cooking water.5 ingredients 5 minutes 5 meals simple noodles

Chinese noodles: preparation suggestions

  • In soup. One of the most famous Chinese noodles is noodles. They’re made of wheat flour and they’re a little thicker than normal. They are ideal for preparing a delicious soup of vegetables, fish or seafood. If we like the sailor flavor, you can make a soup with prawns. Raw prawns are peeled first. For half an hour on soft fire boil their shells and heads in a liter of water along with a bit of carrot and leek, cut into strips. Then the broth should be poured in, add a few drops of soy sauce and introduce the Chinese noodles and peeled prawns. The soup will be ready in five minutes.
  • Fried or sautéed. One of the best known recipes of Chinese cuisine is chow mein or fried noodles. To make them, the trick is to cook them (or rehydrate them) first. Once soft, they are sautéed in a wok along with fresh vegetables such as chives, spinach or peppers. Soybean or bamboo shoots are also added and seasoned at the last moment with a touch of soy sauce. It is a healthy and very practical dish, which is made in a few minutes. In the compounding of EROSKI CONSUMER is the detailed preparation.
    With that oriental touch. The thickest Chinese noodles, beyond the cereal with which they have been made, allow preparations of the Western recipe-usually cooked and with a sauce to taste. However, they look to their full potential when given a more oriental touch. To do this, it is best to use products typical of Asia, such as bamboo shoots, soy sauce, dry lily buds, sesame seed oil, water chestnuts, Chinese powdered spices, preserved Sichuan vegetables or dried Chinese mushrooms. The combination you choose will then be added with a sauté of vegetables, chicken, meat or seafood and then the whole set will be finished cooking in the wok.
  • As a garnish. Noodles that are rehydrated very easily can also serve as a side dish. The result is spectacular if you use the frying technique as if it were churros. To do this, the noodles are fried directly in a saucepan with abundant oil, very hot. By introducing a few dry noodles, as they come out of the package, you can see that with contact with the oil they inflate. They are taken out instantly and placed on a plate with kitchen paper to remove the remaining oil. These fried noodles serve as a decoration or as a base to place on them a salad, a bit of salted seafood or just cooked vegetables.