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Today’s Friday and I thought I would do something a little different. A very quick post with my tips for setting yourself up for a great weekend.

Doing just a few things can make all the difference in how much you enjoy your weekend. There’s a lot of things you can do in the space of about half an hour, maybe an hour, to get your house in shape in time to enjoy your weekend.

1. Start with laundry. Gather up all the clothes, bedding and towels and throw a load in. Make your bed with clean sheets and clear things from your dresser or nightstand. A decluttered, fresh space can be a lot more inviting and relaxing. And who doesn’t love sleeping in fresh sheets?

2. Give your bathroom the once over. Clean the sink, tub, toilet and faucets so they shine. People have a tendency of popping in on the weekend so it’s nice to have a freshly cleaned bathroom wish fresh linens, in case that happens.

3. Clean your kitchen counters off. I like to start the weekend with a clean slate when it comes to the kitchen. Finish up any last minute dishes that are hanging around or just chilling in the sink. It’s so nice to start the weekend with full cupboards of clean dishes and an empty dishwasher so we can clean as we go.

4. Empty your garbage bins. Self explanatory but really just empty the smaller bins in the kids rooms, living areas, bathrooms into larger bins in the garage or kitchen.

5. Reset the toys. If you have young kids pick up their toys and put them away to try and keep a handle on the clutter. Group toys together in their sets or just put similar toys together. If there are too many toys out and about take this opportunity to return some to storage in the kids closets, in the basement or outside. You’re weekend will be much more enjoyable when you aren’t tripping over toys or stepping on Lego! OUCH!

6. Give some thought to what you’ll eat. Think about breakfast, lunch and dinners on the weekend. Defrost any meat you may need ahead of time. This alone can save you a trip to a restaurant or ordering take out. Try assembling dry ingredients for pancakes, muffins or crepes for Saturday morning. Make some juice and cut up some fruit.

7. Plan an activity for each day. You don’t need to go out everyday but at least have some plans of what you can do throughout the weekend to curb boredom. Round up all the equipment or supplies you’ll need so it’s all ready to go.

How do you prepare for the weekend? Or is the weekend when you actually get stuff done?

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  1. Wendy Irene says:

    I feel motivated to go and get some cleaning done before the weekend now! I am trying to switch over and make weekends more relaxing instead of about getting stuff done.

  2. That’s awesome Wendy. I hope you work with that motivation and get some stuff done! I just finished running around my place and I have to say it looks pretty darn awesome! :)

  3. Rebecca C says:

    Weekends are usually our time for getting things done in the house… This weekend, however, my parents will be in town, so this post is perfectly timed to get me off my butt before they are only 2 hours away!

  4. I think this posting is great! I also de-clutter before the weekend. As the mom of a 2 1/2 year old, it becomes so hard to keep the place tidy. However, de-cluttering helps me enjoy the weekend better. I can’t write until the place is looking good!

  5. Fantastic!! It really doesn’t take long at all to make a noticeable difference in your home. Good luck getting it done and hopefully you have time to relax before your folks get in. :)

  6. Marnie says:

    My plans:

    -date with hubby Friday night
    -organize “play date” for my 2 daughters and their school friends.

    Gotta love weekends!

  7. Prerna says:

    Lovely ideas, Sherri… Getting ready for the weekend is a sure way to have a peaceful, relaxing time and not fretting about the house, meals or entertaining!

  8. Sandra says:

    Love these! Just taking time to think and plan makes it go smoother. The weekend is definitely when my meal planning falls apart.

  9. Kimberly says:

    Great list. Takes care of the basics and makes for a much calmer weekend for the family. Less need for Mama to nag the babies, right?

  10. Lysan says:

    theme, but honestly I haven’t been delnwilg on it THAT much. No I just came across this article on Zen Family Habits a blog I subscribe to, and thought I’d post it for you all just in case


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