Mother, your son needs to hear these!

The relationship between mother and son is very special. Unlike with daughters, mothers do not really know what to expect from their relationship with a son. We usually hear that these are fathers who have a huge influence on their sons. However, mothers play a great role too. We should not forget about it and although, our role may be a bit different than the father’s role, we must play it as well as we can.

Below you will find things that all sons should hear from their mothers:

  1. You have the right to be different. You do not have to act in a way that others want. Being yourself is the core of feeling good with your life and being happy. You have the strength and God’s help to say ‘no’ when it is needed and to do what is right, not what is expected from you.
  2. You can fall, but you need to stand up. You have next chances. You can get lost, we all sometimes do, but God gives us new starts and strength to go on. Just never give up.
  3. Real men DO cry. Being a man does not mean being unemotional and cold. You can express your real feelings and you can cry if you need to. Real men are both strong and tender, and they care about the others. You do not need to prove that you are like an adamant superhero.
  4. I am proud of you. You make mistakes, fail or do something wrong – it happens to everybody. But I can see how much you are trying and how good man you really are.
  5. Measure your success with the amount of love you give every day. No matter who you are in the future – you may even become a millionaire or a successful engineer, it is love which really counts. Love towards the others and God.
  6. You will always have place in our house. Remember that you can come home, no matter what happens in your life. We are for you to listen, give advice, help or express opinions. And to forgive. Whenever you will need these, you are welcome.
  7. You are loved. Nothing can change it. I can be disappointed because of your behavior or disapprove of some of your actions, but one thing will not change ever – I love you. And God loves you even more, which makes you special enough to find power to repair all that is broken.
  8. Your Father loves you. Even if your biological father failed to show it to you, was absent or his life is far from perfect, know that you have Father who extremely loves you and supports you in every single minute of your life.

We cannot be fathers for our sons, but still we can teach them how to be a good man. It can be hard to get to our adolescent “man-to-be”. The only way to have a good mutual contact is to create a relationship full of trust and empathy – not criticism and comparisons. Let’s talk and listen to our sons, we are here to teach them love.