Many people think that starting a family and having children leads to chaos and never-ending duties and obligations. And you know what…they are right, but only a bit… 🙂

The fact is that when this tiny, vulnerable child appears in your life everything changes. However, you should not treat this change as the end of your life, but just as its next, entirely new chapter . The key of your success is hidden in loads of patience and self-belief. Do not panic, keep your mind calm and you will see how everything falls into place.

Life is unpredictable, though. Do not expect that everything must be always as you see it and want it to be. You must be prepared for surprises and some turmoil which will often demand certain adjustments on your part. Our blog cannot give you ready solutions for every single problem, but we can offer lots of practical tips and useful advice concerning the challenges of family life.

We do not become superparents automatically, we just need to learn parenting step by step.

Let’s learn ZEN family HABITS together!