Have you waited too long?

I was talking with Corey from Simple Marriage the other day on the topic of investing in family and ourselves. As a family therapist Corey sees all sorts of people and families, all at varying stages of happiness and contentment. A comment that Corey made struck me and has stuck with me for several days. … Read more

Patience with parenting

Last night at our house there must have been something in the water because the kids had my wife and I both climbing the walls and on the verge of complete insanity! We try hard not to raise our voice but sometimes we crack – it happens to all of us, right? Well, I like … Read more

The power of small changes

Dream big. Shoot for the moon. Go big or go home. We’ve heard it all. I’m all for making big changes, big advancements and big steps but too often we think we need to make them all at once. We have an all or nothing mentality. Consider an angle. At the point the lines originate … Read more

How to make overtime work for you

In the past year my freelance design business has been doing very well and I found myself doing something most people do at some point in their lives – working overtime. It was actually a new experience for me as I’ve worked hard and been fortunate enough to be able to grow my business well … Read more

5 reasons to take a walk with your family

Almost every parent can relate to feeling as if the busyness of life has crowded out that which is most important – family, happiness, and wellness. Our jobs are often sedentary, our schedules jam-packed, and our time with our family rushed and much too short. After months of trying to figure out how to add … Read more

10 parenting traits for happy families

Happiness is an illusion for some and elusive to others, but for families who get their recipes right, happiness is an all-pervasive emotion that follows them wherever they go and whatever they do. So what exactly is the secret to their happiness? There are many, but they all start with good parenting, and if you’re … Read more

Do you have a parenting mindset?

We’re often asked about our parenting styles, but equally important might be the question, what is your parenting mindset? In my better moments, my mindset is all about becoming a better parent—learning how my kids work, gaining new skills, getting better at what I do. However, I admit that much of the time I’m focused … Read more

Parenting with positive guidance

When it comes to guiding the behavior of our children, do we rely on punishment or discipline? To many people, the two words above carry the same meaning. But let’s think about that here. I’m not trying to argue over semantics, but I would like to offer a change in perspective. Punishment is something that … Read more

Are you unknowingly devaluing yourself?

I used to be a people pleaser. I suppose in many ways I still am. I like for people to like me and I also like when people need me for things. It wasn’t uncommon for me, when I was in the workforce, to drop everything and help someone out when they asked. I’d be … Read more