7 kid-friendly picnic ideas

Does the idea of escaping your usual surroundings and getting out into the open country-side, or having a day at the beach, appeal to you? The downside can be the challenge of finding decent, healthy food, that everyone in your family can enjoy. And, it’s so expensive to eat out these days. A picnic is … Read more

14 outdoor activities to do with your kids this summer

Summer holidays are almost here. This Thursday my eldest wraps up pre-school until he returns in September. So what shall we do? Instead of looking blankly and each other day in and day out here are some ideas of things you can do outdoors with your kids to curb boredom this summer. Water 1. Water … Read more

7 surprising keys to family happiness

You want a happy family. But, perhaps, you feel your dreams of family happiness slipping away? You are not alone. It makes you wonder, why is something so universally sought after so hard to achieve? Perhaps we are going about it the wrong way, or perhaps we are working at cross-purposes. You know, one step … Read more

Teaching kids the art of decision making

In this day and age, even buying milk is complex. 1%, 2%, Whole, Chocolate, Fat-Free, Organic, Soy. We could spend 15 minutes staring at the dairy case trying make the wisest choice. Thanks to the technology we have access to almost every answer and product we desire. We are presented with thousands of options every … Read more

6 tips for surviving sleep deprivation

We’ve all heard that getting enough sleep is an important part of living your best life and staying productive and healthy…but what about those times when getting sleep is out of your control? Maybe you have a newborn or a sick child, or maybe you’re working two jobs to make ends meet. Here are my … Read more

7 benefits of living with less stuff

There are many people writing about and talking about living a minimalist lifestyle. Now it’s not for everyone and, although not impossible, it is a lot more difficult for those of us with young children. I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist. I still have a lot of things kicking around that I don’t use routinely. … Read more

8 things people never tell you about having kids

The joys of parenthood: the cuddles, the coos and the I love you’s. Watching your little one grow and learn and meet significant milestones like walking, talking, running, reading, singing and dancing. Kids are fun and parenting is so rewarding theres no doubt about it. But Im sure youve heard all of this before. I … Read more

Ask the Readers: your favorite online resources

The online world is vast. Think of anything and I’m pretty sure there’s already a website dedicated to it. There are sites dedicated to helping you be more productive and organized and sites that provide guidelines for whether or not we should eat the food in our fridge that has been there for over a … Read more

Does chaos reign in your home around the evening hours?

Something bewitching often occurs in families around 5 pm–toddlers enter meltdown mode, older children scramble to finish homework before dinner, and Mom and Dad rush to get a decent meal on the table. It’s difficult to contemplate meaningful traditions when you’re just trying to survive until bedtime. We’ve all been there–that’s why parents need quick, … Read more

Overcoming the guilt of under-scheduling our kids

Last week, an email popped up in my inbox outlining all of the after-school activities available at my children’s private school. As I read about karate and hip hop and book club and chess, a familiar anxiety gnawed at me. Once again, I wondered if, in my rabid opposition to over-scheduling I have over-corrected and … Read more