Read this before your baby arrives

When you are pregnant with your first baby and have not much experience with little children, it is just going to be a surprise pack. No matter how many classes you have attended and how many friends with children you have talked to. You will end up surprised and confused in this totally new situation. Here are some things you must know in advance.

  1. Babies sleep a lot, but… wake up very often. Babies are different, some of them sleep longer, some sleep shorter, there is no rule actually. You will see what type your child is. Generally, you must be prepared for frequent (every 2-4 hours) wake-ups including nights in the beginning. Later (after 3-4 months), you may be lucky and your baby may regulate his or her sleep at night.
  2. You will be sleepy and exhausted. Yes, this sounds demotivating, but do not worry, parents can cope with this. Lack of enough sleep can really make you tired and frustrated, that is why, you must sleep whenever it is possible. So, no cleaning, no cooking while your baby is sleeping – go to bed too. Try to take turns at nights or take the baby to your bed. You must survive the most difficult beginning, sooner or later, situation improves.
  3. Breastfeeding is hard. We think that it is so natural and simple that nothing bad can happen. Wrong. Both you and your child have to learn it first, and this is not as easy as it seems. So as to avoid unnecessary stress and problems find a good lactation consultant as soon as possible.
  4. Be prepared for lots of advice. Children cry, sometimes even more than they sleep. It is very complicated for fresh parents to guess what the problem of their little cutie is. And here come the whole family and neighborhood with help. You will hear a whole range of conflicting advice and sometimes even accusations – do not really care about it. You need to “learn your baby”. Thank for the useful advice and forget the rest.
  5. Organize support. The first three months are going to be the most difficult. Newborn babies have to learn their “new life” outside the safe womb and your body comes back from the pregnancy mode. It is hard for both of you, thus, it would be a good idea to have some help.
  6. It will be an exam for you as a couple. It is even better than a survival camp. You may be more nervous, focused on having at least a five minute of sleep – where is the romance? Do not worry, it will not last forever. Treat this situation as an adventure. But you will need some time for you as a couple, not parents. If you cannot count for a babysitter, organize a date at home when baby is sleeping.
  7. Children grow really fast. You can be so confused in this whole new chaos that you may miss this fact. Try to enjoy the moments with your newborn, these are unrepeatable.
  8. Do not buy too many gadgets. Babies do not need much. It is a better idea to save money for the future, you will be surely needing them later.
  9. You will be a great mom. You do not have to know everything, you can ask, have doubts. You will learn everything with time and you will become an expert of your child.